The faculty of Taksh Shila Model School shapes its special character. Each faculty member is both a teacher and a scholar , an expert in his or her own field.  The faculty consists of 80 full time highly qualified teachers who have extensive teaching experience in their respective fields.

Our teachers not only imparts education through the regular teaching periods, they also engage students in a variety of other ways, whether it is to conduct the morning assembly , arrange and participate in cultural shows, or just simply arrange visits.

In fact all teachers also share membership with students on various committees, school houses and supervise individual or small group research projects. The opportunities for formal and informal relationship with the faculty are plentiful and resulting in lifelong friendship as well as professional mentorship that shape students lives and careers.

Special care has been taken to recruit those teachers who really have the temperament for teaching. A candidate has to clear three rounds to complete the procedure of selection. First is to take written test, second to face an interview, and last is to demonstrate in the class. This efforts always turns fruitful as we have dedicated, innovative and enthusiastic faculty.

For Yearly Planner:

The School follows the annual calendar of the Department of Education. The school session begins in April and closes in March. Summer Vacation is usually in the months of May and June. Short breaks are provided around Dussehra, Diwali, Christmas and New Year. Dates for vacations vary each year and must be verified from the school almanac. Gazette holidays are followed as per government rules. Details about school events are also listed in the school almanac.