Primary Level : (Into the world of formal education)

The confident toddler now steps into the world of formal education. The system of primary education of formal education at Taksh-Shila aims at maping this exposure to formal education not a harsh reality but a beautiful experience. The methodology at the Primary Level ensures assimilation of information, clarity of concepts and a firm growth in all subjects. We subscribe to recognizing and nurturing multiple intelligence such as kinesthic , musical, visual interpersonal intelligence for the building of society where a rich range of talents and abilities are required.

In consonance with the CBSE ideology of relieving students at the Primary level from unnecessary education related stress, we at Taksh-Shila use a continuous and comprehensive evaluation system which on compasses the progress of the child in the cognitive , affective and psychomotor domains.

Preparing to challenge the challenges (classes VI to X)

Having a firm belief in the dictum that education is a preparation to meet real life situations , we lay special emphasis on student friendly & learner centered teaching methodology which nurture creative and independent thinking and, adopt the three language formula. The techno-savvy era has inspired us to teach through technology with technology & from technology so that the specles that emerge after successfully completing class X are a final product to plunge into the vast sea of careers. The child is taught not to learn but to comprehend, apply , evaluate and then create.