Senior Secondary

Sr. Sec. Level : (The making of the final product)

It is the threshold of adolescence requires special attention to move on right path. Ideal youth full with enthusiasm is provided the aim with spirituality and morality to mobilize their energy in constructive aims.

We provide them opportunities to experience their potentials. We aim to provide our children an environment which is positive and secure to promote their creativity and to explore and develop their ideas as innovative solutions to the problems and applications of skills in every walk of life. We provide experts of all subjects to serve them the world class education by creating an enduring love of knowledge, passion and sense of improvement and responsibility among our children through their actions and examples with their sound character.

In the XI & XII, all students prepare for the CBSE Board Examination.

Science Stream : Science is a fascinating subject. Master in Science needs understanding of Mathematics to shine.

Learning Science needs freedom to think and freedom to imagine. The Science teachers of Taksh-Shila teach in well equipped science laboratories and smart classes equipped with technology enabled learning.

Sports : At Taksh-Shila the student who aspires to be professional competitors simply enjoys participating , winning , and gaining appropriate support.